This past Tuesday, Jake Burton announced that Burton Snowboards will begin restructuring the company to focus more heavily on their roots in snowboarding and the winter lifestyle. Among the changes, we will see a dissolving of The Program brands, Foursquare, Forum, and Special Blend, Gravis relocating solely to Asian markets, Analog transitioning out of the skate and surf industries, and the launch of Anon helmets to replace the current RED line.

The end of The Program has seen a noticeable response in the action sports community most notably with Forum Snowboards. For some background, Burton purchased the three brands in 2004 with the “intent to keep snowboard companies in the hands of snowboarders”, a sentiment that should be close to the hearts and minds of all snowboarders in order to keep our sport as authentic and untouched as possible. Without the active voice of real people from the industry who live and breathe snowboarding the atmosphere begins to change. What was once something relatable now transforms into a corporate entity existing for all the wrong reasons. To combat Burton’s decision a petition has been created called #giveFORUMtoPeter. For those of you who don’t know, the Peter in question is Peter Line. The movement is asking simply that Line be given the rights to Forum Snowboards so that he could refuel the brand in the future, if he chooses. Just another way to keep snowboarding for the riders, by the riders.

Understandably, there are two sides to this situation. Burton Snowboards made this executive decision in order to allow Burton to further progress snowboarding and the surrounding lifestyle as a whole. Focusing on what they do best will hopefully push their expertise to the max rather than spreading their talents thin.

If you agree with the movement, please join the campaign.

  October 26, 2012 at 8:58pm

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